A Little R&R, Very Little

Today is my first day off in well over a month, maybe even two, but before I get started with the festivities I just have a few client emails to return,,, and I should do the ads for the May 11th auction,,,,,, and I need to pick up supplies for tomorrows packing job,,,,,,,,, there are few phone calls I should make as well. Anyway, I should be able to start my day off right after lunch.

hammock copy

My Killips Auction Treasures

My two purchases from the Killips estate auction yesterday. Vintage battery operated, in box, “Nutty Mad Indian With War Whoop” because PC is fairly new and a Miss Piggy with light up jewellery because sexy will never go out of style.


It was a great day. The weather was cold but no rain or snow. The crown put up with the cramped quarters and seemed happy to about their auction buys.

Record Number Of Records

Dear Diary,

Today was the viewing for the estate auction we are having tomorrow outside Stony Plain. (Details can be found at http://www.wardsauctions.com). I have to say it went pretty smoothly. I anticipate a lot of people at the sale tomorrow which is always a good thing. It’s more fun when there is more energy in the crowd.

There’s over 1700 lots in the sale but half of those are (drum roll) Records!


All shapes and sizes. What? That isn’t enough for you? What about-


Or how about one of THESE-


I bet you didn’t expect THIS-


I actually took even more pictures but that seems like enough.

The people that viewed were great. I was there to make sure all the lotted piles stayed together but I really didn’t have to. Everyone took great care to make sure everything went back to where it came from and that nothing was damaged in any way. These people truly respect the medium.

I’ll post about the actual sale tomorrow after it’s happened. But you don’t need to read about it. BE THERE! And see it for yourself.

Love Michael

Lots of Comics

Dear Diary,

Our upcoming May 2014 auction is turning into a really great sale. I can’t even begin talking about all the cool things we have coming up because I’m too busy digging through COMICS!


That’s only one of the lots. There’s 8 more piles like that!

The thing about comics is that the price of these REALLY fluctuate. A lot of people come in with stacks of comics that really aren’t worth a lot in the resale market. And sometimes someone brings in a pile without really knowing what they have. That’s what this pile is. Lots of hidden treasures in here. But researching these is really confusing me.

Both of these comics are issue no 4.
comics3  comics4

But the first one is worth decidedly more. I’ve never heard of either of them. And the age and price doesn’t seem to be that much of a deciding factor, either.

I’m sure I’ll be posting lots more about these comics before the sale. It’s just too many to dig through.


The ads are my favorite part.


I have Blimples.

Ok I’m going to get back to these comics. I didn’t even know THIS was a superhero.

comics5Captain America’s hoity toity cousin.

Love Michael


Ello, you wonderful people!

I’m Becky. I was kind of thrown into Wards Auctions the moment I started dating the auctioneers son. (I’m pretty sure my Dad once told me never to get involved with tattooed boys and boys who come from auction families… I never was one to follow the rules, I guess.)

It’s been almost 3 years now and I see no end in sight. And I’m ok with that. Auction families are the best kind of families, and I love being apart of Wards 🙂

See you at the next sale!