The Hilda Twins?

The Hilda Twins?

The Hilda on the left is the doll I bought for Jayne at the Auction at Halls in Calgary. I’m not a doll guy so I’m confused about how these too are the same but different sizes. I also don’t understand why if Jayne already had a Hilda that she needed another Hilda in a smaller version. Couldn’t she have just stood a little further away from the one she had?

2 responses to “The Hilda Twins?

  1. I am a “collector” which means I need more than one. The fact that I was also able to get you to buy her for me also makes me a “genius”. Thanks again for the beautiful new doll, I LUV HER!!!!

  2. Jayne, I wish you all the joy in the world with your collection. Mom is so pleased to know that you have this doll and will appreciate her for what she is. My mother has always been a great believer in collecting not only dolls of value, but dolls you can appreciate. Enjoy

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