Shipping Changes for Next Auction

Dear Diary,

This post will only be relevant to our regular customers.

All the items purchased during our May auction will not be packaged and sent by the UPS Store this time. Instead they will be packaged by a company called QHP and I will be shipping the items through Canada Post the Friday after the sale.

This is not meant to reflect badly on the UPS Store, by any means. They have been successfully taking care of all the shipping details for us for a long time. Unfortunately this is a very busy time of year for them and in an effort to get all our items shipped quickly we are going to experiment with a new method for the next sale. I can’t guarantee that it’ll work better. It never hurts to try.

The thing about an Auction is that all our items for the month is sold in a single day. That means a months worth of shipping goes out in one day. Our customers all seem to understand that it’s a very large undertaking and I am always thankful for everyone’s patience. That doesn’t mean we can’t strive to do better, right?!

I’m slowly working up a guide that will explain packaging costs. It doesn’t matter how much an item sells for at auction. If it takes 4 hours to pack it, you have to pay for 4 hours of packaging. For instance:


This beautiful set of dishes will likely cost around $120 to package. That’s hand wrapping each item and splitting them amongst 4 boxes in a way that guarantees none of the 93 items will be damaged. That’s only about $1 per item in labor and materials.

For the time being I don’t have any firm packaging and shipping prices so we will continue calling with quotes for packaging for this next sale. Unless another method is created before the sale. We’ll let you know!


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