Paris in Spring

I’m nearing the end of my first visit to Paris but I’m willing to bet it wont be my last. I started with a list of a thousand things I was “going” to do, changed that to a thousand things I’d “like” to do, reevaluated once again, and once again again, and several agains following that. I will return home very satisfied that it was one of my best vacations ever, all the while knowing I have to return and continue working on my list. I have it down to 1012 things I want to do.

Here’s a big fat secret you didn’t know. We were here because Jayne and my son Mike and his now lovely bride were here to get married. They were trying to elope but we caught wind of the secret plan and headed several time zones east to crash the party. Jayne’s husband, Andrew, never has to be asked twice if he wants to go Paris, they’ve been before and so the answer was yes before he even knew why.

Paris Wedding

The ceremony was in the garden under the Eiffel Tower. Short and sweet, followed by a vegan supper, yes that’s a real thing, followed by most of us with a real supper at a Paris cafe/bar. That part is a secret, don’t tell the bride.  Best day EVA’


Another great event was accidentally running into old friends. Some of you vintage customers will recognize Mike and Dorothy Mazeppa. Mike was my landlord when Ward’s Auctions was housed in the St.Albert Inn. They were on the final leg of a lengthy road trip. We live and work within 15 minutes of each other but had to travel to Paris in order to have a drink and a meal together. {insert shoulder shrug}

Paris Dinner


Speaking of being lousy at keeping secrets, Don, one of our loyal clients and auction friends found out we were going and gave Jayne 50 Euros and insisted it be spent on booze at one of the many many Paris street side establishments. So we did.

blog 3

Thanks Don, it was perfect.


We aren’t done yet and although I spent half the time talking to clients on the phone or emailing I had a great time. We are back in the salt mine on Tuesday.


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