Surprise Ammo

Dear Diary,

Let this be a lesson to all firearms handlers/buyers/sellers. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded. Even if they aren’t. ESPECIALLY if they aren’t.

Actually especially if they are too. Just all the time.


This gun came in for auction with a live round. Fortunately we double check the firearms when they come in but it’s never fun to actually find anything. At least if Zombies busted in right then, we’d be ready.

“This has been a public service announcement.”

“The more you know.”

“Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.”


Love Michael

Sticky Fingers

Deer Dairy,

Today my lil’ nephews, Ares, Dante and Jacques, were running around the shop. Somehow they decided my office was the one to be in.

Look at this.



Messing up my office. Breaking my computer. Not sharing their donuts.

I’m writing this post on the bathroom floor since they won’t let me at my computer.

Love Michael

Royally Demented Doulton

Diar Deery,

I’m trying to get into a “one post per day” type of rhythm. But life. Life happens. Oh man that life.

We know our way around a Royal Doulton figurine. I’ve seen them my entire life. I can point them out from across the room. Naturally it would take a lot for one of these figurines to get my attention. Like say…



Or what about…



These elegant beauties are the work of Jessica Harrison. A clearly creative and delightfully warped artist in the UK. Go see her website. It’s nuts.


If anyone wants to buy me one of these, that would be great.

Luff Michael

Scrap Metal Caper

Dear Diary,

We were burgled! Robbed! Heisted! Other-Synonyms-For-Having-My-Stuff-Stolen!

I have personally reviewed all the evidence and here’s how I think it went down:
(Gather ’round kids. It’s story time!)

Under the guise of darkness in the midnight hours a black van scopes out the Auction House. The headlights are dim as to not draw attention. Quietly it pulls into the back of the lot and 4 men inside pull on face masks. Ricko, the largest of the group, climbs out of the van first. He looks around and when it’s safe he nods to the rest. Tight-Lips-McGee and his younger brother Giggles open the back hatch. Wheeler-Bob sits quietly in the front seat ready to drive off at a moments notice.

And then they totally emptied the scrap metal bins and drove off.


Yep. That’s millions thousands hundreds of dollars taken. Somebody is living the high life now.

Fancy meals:


Expensive hotels:


And if I ever find out who did this heinous act… I might buy them a fruit basket. I hate emptying those things.



Couldn’t you have taken the bed frame too? Rude.


Love Michael


Transformer Table

Dear Diary,

It’s another “Show-Off-Something-Cool-To-Make-You-Jealous” post. It seems lately that teak has exploded. Remember teak furniture? Your parents probably had some. Now your kids will too. The more Danish it is, the better. Can I say that? Sure I can. Danish teak is a big deal.

But when a teak table transforms, it’s an even bigger deal! Look what we are selling in the July 28-29 auction:



That’s Peter in the video showing off a table that could be in the new Transformers movie. Assuming of course that the robots only transformed into slightly large identical robots…

I’d still watch that.

Lurve Michael

Bob Sled Hero

Dear Diary,

We have possibly the coolest thing that we’ve ever sold coming up in the August Gun Auction. And it’s not even a gun!



What the dang ol’ heck is that thing, you ask? That’s a great questions (although you asked it in a stupid way). It’s a HUUUGE bobsled arcade game. It originally came from Playdium in West Edmonton Mall and cost a whopping $270,000 when it was new in 2001.

What’s that? You want to see a video of it? You kids and your technology. Ok here it is:

I know the die-hard gun guys and gals will be upset that you can’t shoot anyone in this game. So just to be on the safe side, we’ll also sell this 2 Player Shooting Game! Woo!


Obviously that picture doesn’t do it justice. I’ll take some more and maybe a video when we get it set up in here. I might even have to bid on it.

Love Michael

Shipping Is Hard!

Dear Diary,

I’m exhausted. I can honestly say I have a new appreciation for what packers and shippers go through every day. They can keep that job. I don’t want it.

Last Sunday we had a 600 lot Coin and Paper Money auction. Literally thousands of coins were sold. But it’s thousands of very small items. Coin sized items. Easy to handle and sell and move sized items.

…unless you’re shipping them.

Over half of the sale was bought online! We always have online bidders. It can be time consuming to get all the items packaged and shipped but I get it done. This time however was an adventure.

Calling people with quotes is the worst part. The customers are polite and friendly and almost always agree to the quoted amount. We actually have great customers for stuff like that. But lots of times I get voice mails and until they call me back, I don’t know what to do with the items.

They sit. Right there. Mocking me.

I’m tired just thinking about it all. Here’s a picture I took of the back seat of my truck filled with boxes.


There is way more in the truck. That’s just all I could fit in the frame.

Thank you so much to Beth and Dorothy for helping Jayne and I package it all on Friday. You guys Rule Da Skoolz. Werd. Dawg. Other-Early-90’s-Slang-Word.

I’m not sure what the point of this post is. I’m tired. That’s the point.

Love Michael