Scrap Metal Caper

Dear Diary,

We were burgled! Robbed! Heisted! Other-Synonyms-For-Having-My-Stuff-Stolen!

I have personally reviewed all the evidence and here’s how I think it went down:
(Gather ’round kids. It’s story time!)

Under the guise of darkness in the midnight hours a black van scopes out the Auction House. The headlights are dim as to not draw attention. Quietly it pulls into the back of the lot and 4 men inside pull on face masks. Ricko, the largest of the group, climbs out of the van first. He looks around and when it’s safe he nods to the rest. Tight-Lips-McGee and his younger brother Giggles open the back hatch. Wheeler-Bob sits quietly in the front seat ready to drive off at a moments notice.

And then they totally emptied the scrap metal bins and drove off.


Yep. That’s millions thousands hundreds of dollars taken. Somebody is living the high life now.

Fancy meals:


Expensive hotels:


And if I ever find out who did this heinous act… I might buy them a fruit basket. I hate emptying those things.



Couldn’t you have taken the bed frame too? Rude.


Love Michael


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