Chess Set 2: The Return Of The Rook

Dear Diary,

Here’s a neat post today. If anyone was at our last auction in July, you may have noticed a rather fancy oriental chess set.



Why do I bring it up? Because my twin brother, Peter,  and I learned how to play Chess on this exact board! I don’t mean a board made by the same company either. This is literally the chess board that used to belong to our Grandfather. With those pieces I learned how to be defiantly bad at board games.

When he passed away many of his items went to auction (we had connections, after all). But in the auction biz we all know that items come back. And this one did.

Fortunately Peter realized during the viewing that it was the board and purchased it at the auction. Now the chess set is back home where it belongs. In the hands of two boys that miss their Grandad.


…well it’s in Peters hand. I hate chess. He beat me every time. He cheats. I’m glad he’s the one that bought it.

Love Michael

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