Bobsled Saga Continues

Dear Diary,

I’m terrible at updating this blog during auction time. And really that’s when I should be doing it the most. It’s just always so crazy. I have a couple of blog post ideas all primed up so I’ll get through them.

The Bobsled Arcade Game! It’s the 3rd (and possibly last) post about it. We got it all set up in the auction house.


As you can see it has a pretty big footprint. Unfortunately though we found out that there isn’t enough power in the building to run the crazy thing. Well, there probably is but not if we want to keep the lights on.

But being the technical genius that I am, I was able to rig one of them up to watch my cartoon shows.


Tell me that isn’t just the greatest thing you’ve ever seen. I was tasked with making this game work. I’m calling it a success.

Maybe I’ll rig it up to play PacMan. It has to play a game, right? Does it matter if it’s the wrong game?

Love Michael

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