The Mustard Seed

Ward’s Auctions Customers donated $2000 to The Mustard Seed!


Hey Diary,
I know I keep making posts about how great our customers are but it just can’t be helped. Here’s how it happened.

Every auction we sell catalogue listings of all the items for $3 each. That may seem expensive to some but there was a reason we started it. Getting them all printed gets expensive and when we have 150 customers we’ll somehow go through 300 catalogues. And they end up everywhere!

So to try to discourage that wastefulness we started to charge for the book while offering it on the website to download and print for free. But that money didn’t go into our pocket. No no no. It went into a bucket that’s been getting heavier and heavier the last few months. Some people even paid extra because they knew it was going to charity one day. That day just came!

I felt it was important for the money to stay in Edmonton since the money came from Edmontonians. The Mustard Seed provides meals and warmth to those who don’t have it. Edmonton winters are brutal so every little bit helps. To learn more about them or make your own donation go to:

Love Michael


Ethel’s Legacy

Dear Diary,

December 16th. Until about a decade ago this used to be known as “My Grandma’s Birthday”. Ethel Ward is actually the reason this blog exists. She created Ward’s Auctions.


That’s a picture of her that someone drew years ago. Our regular customers will have noticed it hanging on the wall in the auction house. In fact there are lots of stuff from her hanging on the wall. Her auctioneers license for instance. Or a really cool news article from when she started the business.


I was too young to understand what she did for auctions in Edmonton but I’m starting to understand a little about who she was. Many of our customers that knew her say she was very respected. She treated the customers right and she knew the product.

“Early to bed. Early to rise and specialize” was her motto.

She made the customers trust her. I get emails from people saying they like the way we do business. I love those emails. But really we just do it the way she did it.

Anyway, I should get back to work. Happy Birthday Grandma.

Love Michael

Best Auction in Edmonton

Diary, did you hear?

We are officially the best auction in Edmonton. Probably in Canada. Maybe even the world! But Edmonton for sure.

The Edmonton Journals Readers Choice awards came out and we got the Gold Winner award for Auction House.

Here’s a low-res screenshot of what printed in the paper!


It’s truly an honor to get picked the best by Edmontonians. I’d like to personally thank…Myself. None of this could have been possible without Me. I am truly the life blood of the auction industry and a clear role model for aspiring young auctioneers everywhere.

Actually I want to thank our customers and consignors. We got the best ones in the business and they are the ones that allowed us to get this award.

Thanks Edmonton!

Hugs and Kisses,

NO MORE AUCTIONS! (this year)

Dear Diary,

<Insert obligatory apology for not updating more often here>

We are done all the auctions for the year!

Can you believe it? Still piles of paper work and shipping to be done from the two auctions we had this week but now we are done auctions until January. It’s not really a break, of course, since we immediately had to start putting together the next sale. But you can be sure I’m taking a half day off for Christmas (assuming Scrooge Brad lets me).

Want to see what a world wide auction looks like without any in-house bidders?


That’s Brad sitting in the dark by himself with crazy loud blues music playing over the speaker system. It’s pretty much the same thing he does every night but this time instead of binge playing Candy Crush on Facebook, he’s actually auctioning a 355 lot coin auction.

Technology, man.

It went well, I think. I haven’t finished reconciling the items or reviewing the totals but I can personally see us trying this online-only thing in the future again. Anyway,

To The Tedium of Typing Totals To Tediously Tally The Transactions.

Alliteration, man.

Love Michael