NO MORE AUCTIONS! (this year)

Dear Diary,

<Insert obligatory apology for not updating more often here>

We are done all the auctions for the year!

Can you believe it? Still piles of paper work and shipping to be done from the two auctions we had this week but now we are done auctions until January. It’s not really a break, of course, since we immediately had to start putting together the next sale. But you can be sure I’m taking a half day off for Christmas (assuming Scrooge Brad lets me).

Want to see what a world wide auction looks like without any in-house bidders?


That’s Brad sitting in the dark by himself with crazy loud blues music playing over the speaker system. It’s pretty much the same thing he does every night but this time instead of binge playing Candy Crush on Facebook, he’s actually auctioning a 355 lot coin auction.

Technology, man.

It went well, I think. I haven’t finished reconciling the items or reviewing the totals but I can personally see us trying this online-only thing in the future again. Anyway,

To The Tedium of Typing Totals To Tediously Tally The Transactions.

Alliteration, man.

Love Michael

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