Ethel’s Legacy

Dear Diary,

December 16th. Until about a decade ago this used to be known as “My Grandma’s Birthday”. Ethel Ward is actually the reason this blog exists. She created Ward’s Auctions.


That’s a picture of her that someone drew years ago. Our regular customers will have noticed it hanging on the wall in the auction house. In fact there are lots of stuff from her hanging on the wall. Her auctioneers license for instance. Or a really cool news article from when she started the business.


I was too young to understand what she did for auctions in Edmonton but I’m starting to understand a little about who she was. Many of our customers that knew her say she was very respected. She treated the customers right and she knew the product.

“Early to bed. Early to rise and specialize” was her motto.

She made the customers trust her. I get emails from people saying they like the way we do business. I love those emails. But really we just do it the way she did it.

Anyway, I should get back to work. Happy Birthday Grandma.

Love Michael

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