The Mustard Seed

Ward’s Auctions Customers donated $2000 to The Mustard Seed!


Hey Diary,
I know I keep making posts about how great our customers are but it just can’t be helped. Here’s how it happened.

Every auction we sell catalogue listings of all the items for $3 each. That may seem expensive to some but there was a reason we started it. Getting them all printed gets expensive and when we have 150 customers we’ll somehow go through 300 catalogues. And they end up everywhere!

So to try to discourage that wastefulness we started to charge for the book while offering it on the website to download and print for free. But that money didn’t go into our pocket. No no no. It went into a bucket that’s been getting heavier and heavier the last few months. Some people even paid extra because they knew it was going to charity one day. That day just came!

I felt it was important for the money to stay in Edmonton since the money came from Edmontonians. The Mustard Seed provides meals and warmth to those who don’t have it. Edmonton winters are brutal so every little bit helps. To learn more about them or make your own donation go to:

Love Michael


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