Fort McMurray – Redcross Donation

As the fires in Fort McMurray and northern Alberta continues to grow the need for help grows too. Every penny counts.

During our auctions we sell our catalogues for $3 each and that money is saved for charity. We don’t always have a charity in mind as we are collecting but it all goes in the safe at the end of the sale.

I think we can all agree this is a good cause so we emptied our piggy bank and donated $1000 to the Redcross Foundation towards the fire relief. And our $1000 is now $2000 because until further notice the government is matching donations.

I want to be clear that it’s not just Ward’s Auctions that donated the money. It was all our loyal bidders. If you’ve bought a catalogue in the last couple of months then you also contributed. The money was donated on behalf of our staff and our customers.

Thank you everyone for buying our over priced catalogues and helping our province.


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