Ward’s Auctions 2002 Christmas Party

This batch of photos was recently brought back to my attention and I couldn’t be more pleased. The first photo is an era depiction including (left to right) my dad Gerald, Marshal, Ron, Charles, Maureen, Lydia, Steve, Aunty Betty, Lisa,Paige, Me 🙂 and the framed drawing on the table is my mom Ethel. Below you’re going to see a shwack of pics from our 2002 Christmas staff party. That year we partnered with the gang at Foothills Auctions. Below you’ll see a plethora of pictures from that evening at Lily Lake Resort. I’ll make an effort to post the 2016 Christmas party photos and I’m honoured to say that you’ll see many of the same faces.


I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves and thank you all for your support, both then and now.