Christmas Par-Tay 2016!

The lads and lasses at Ward’s Auctions donned their gay apparel and set out a-wassailing to the staff Christmas party.

dsc_0001 dsc_0003 dsc_0006
(Click to see larger images, if you’re so inclined)

Everyone was there including Jayne:


But, of course, she doesn’t want her picture on the blog so I edited her out (Happy now, Jayne??).


It was held at the Holes Enjoy Centre for The Danny Hooper Christmas Extravaganza & Mosh Pit… or something. I can’t remember exactly what it was called. There may have been a few festive beverages  (Christmas Spiritz, if you will) which have clouded my memories a little. Not that I remember drinking…


…but I’m inclined to believe it happened.

And now for no reason here’s a bunch of pictures of the fun. Working here really has it’s perks (I KNEW there had to be one).

dsc_0015 dsc_0024 dsc_0037 dsc_0042 dsc_0052 dsc_0056dsc_0064dsc_0083dsc_0093dsc_0100dsc_0109dsc_0121dsc_0133dsc_0143

Love Michael

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