August Premiere Firearms Auction

The August Premiere Firearms Auction was great and working with Jim, Linda and the rest of the team from Bud Haynes Auctions continues to be a pleasure. I have not had much opportunity to go shooting this year but I do get my “fix” being able to handle the varied and interesting firearms that cross the block.

During the cataloguing of the August sale we had to call on help from the firearms community for some expert advice. On one occasion Bill came to help and by pure coincidence Bill was the winner of our door prize on sale day. It’s been something of a tradition to have a door prize at the firearms auctions and this being the 50th anniversary of Bud Haynes Auctions we gave away a Henry Golden Boy.

Congratulation Bill and thanks for your help.


Winner small

Fort McMurray – Redcross Donation

As the fires in Fort McMurray and northern Alberta continues to grow the need for help grows too. Every penny counts.

During our auctions we sell our catalogues for $3 each and that money is saved for charity. We don’t always have a charity in mind as we are collecting but it all goes in the safe at the end of the sale.

I think we can all agree this is a good cause so we emptied our piggy bank and donated $1000 to the Redcross Foundation towards the fire relief. And our $1000 is now $2000 because until further notice the government is matching donations.

I want to be clear that it’s not just Ward’s Auctions that donated the money. It was all our loyal bidders. If you’ve bought a catalogue in the last couple of months then you also contributed. The money was donated on behalf of our staff and our customers.

Thank you everyone for buying our over priced catalogues and helping our province.


I Can’t Believe I Didn’t Win

Today we did the draw for the $1000 cash that I may have commiserated about of late. When all the dust settled it was great because Lynda Moffat, the President and CEO of the St. Albert Chamber of Commerce was at the sale. Lynda did the draw for the cash and posed for cheesy photo ops with Claude, the winner. Really I was hoping to win because I could use the money

DSC_0301 v2

St.Albert Lifestyle Expo

This past weekend, April 15-17, I was tending our booth at the Lifestyle Expo in St.Albert. It’s been a few years since I was there and it was great. I made some great connections and reconnected with some people from yesteryear. The staff and volunteers of the St.Albert Chamber did a great job.

trade show booth

I had a plethora of swag to give away, from balloons to a $1000 cash. Blue balloons are more popular than red balloons, the most popular of all the goodies is the lip balm and the least favorite was a $1000 cash. Sound idiotic I know, I’ll discuss it at the opening of the May 1st auction. Speaking of that sale, you will be able to enter the draw for the $1000 cash during the Friday viewing of that sale and we’ll draw for the money at 1:00pm on May 1st, during the auction.

trade show swag

Below is a copy of the ad that ran in the Gazette and was in the show program. Mike did such a great job I thought I’d show it off.



trade show ad 2