Erin Doyle Memorial Poker Run

The Veteran Paratroopers hosted the annual Erin Doyle Memorial Poker Run last week. We have been supporters since day one and again this year we made a donation to their silent auction. I missed the event due to work however I hear the event was a success. The bottom photo shows the package we put in. An SKS rifle, full case of ammo and of course some swag with our logo on it.

Erin Doyle was killed in the line of duty and you can learn more about the story in the news article linked here CLICK HERE

Hats off to the organizers for another job well done.


Erin Doyle 2


Erin Doyle 2016 v2

August Premiere Firearms Auction

The August Premiere Firearms Auction was great and working with Jim, Linda and the rest of the team from Bud Haynes Auctions continues to be a pleasure. I have not had much opportunity to go shooting this year but I do get my “fix” being able to handle the varied and interesting firearms that cross the block.

During the cataloguing of the August sale we had to call on help from the firearms community for some expert advice. On one occasion Bill came to help and by pure coincidence Bill was the winner of our door prize on sale day. It’s been something of a tradition to have a door prize at the firearms auctions and this being the 50th anniversary of Bud Haynes Auctions we gave away a Henry Golden Boy.

Congratulation Bill and thanks for your help.


Winner small

Todays Favourite Consignment


hand canons

Today was overall a very busy day. Jayne did cataloging for the March 13th auction, Mike was working on tech mostly and I was all over the map. The last thing and did before hiding in my office to work on an offer for a condo I have listed was unpack this great consignment. Fifteen hand guns, all new or like new condition and only two are 12-6 Prohib. Fav


Surprise Ammo

Dear Diary,

Let this be a lesson to all firearms handlers/buyers/sellers. Treat all firearms as if they are loaded. Even if they aren’t. ESPECIALLY if they aren’t.

Actually especially if they are too. Just all the time.


This gun came in for auction with a live round. Fortunately we double check the firearms when they come in but it’s never fun to actually find anything. At least if Zombies busted in right then, we’d be ready.

“This has been a public service announcement.”

“The more you know.”

“Now you know. And knowing is half the battle.”


Love Michael