Doll Advert

Double Post Day, Diary!

I’m totally showing off/bragging here. We are having a doll auction in September so I was tasked with creating an ad to put in magazines like The Upper Canadian and Discovering Antiques.

I only had a few hours to make it last week because it had to be submitted that night. Here’s what I made:

uppercanad3 copy

What do you think? Pretty sexy right? Apparently it is.

I was worried about it being so rushed but I was complimented by one of the magazines I submitted it to saying that it looked so good and just this morning the other magazine sent me a message saying it looked great.

I am beaming. You have no idea. That’s all this post is about. To tell you how great I am at making ads for dolls. It’s a niche skill though so I doubt I can make a living from it.

Love Michael