New Baby

Hey Diary! I’m a daddy!

All the regulars at the auction know who Becky is. She’s the loverly lass in the office that registered everyone. You can’t come to an auction without talking to her. And recently she hasn’t been alone. Becky has been pregnant for a little while. Roughly 9 months infact (give or take a minute). But that changed at 2:14pm on September 23rd (First Day of Autumn).



That handsome devil is Mason Isaiah Ward. The 7 lb 2 ounce future Astrophysicist/President/Rockstar. He has my genes after all.

And Becky is doing great! It was 24 hours after we got to the hospital before Mason was born and she did it all without pain killers. That girl is made of tough stuff.



Look how lovely she looks even after squeezing out tiny people.



I found a stethoscope. That’s what they get for leaving it right out in the open…in the hallway…near the nurses station…in the back of the cupboard.. How could they expect me not to play with it?!

Love Michael (also Becky and more also Mason)